there’s johnny: pretty pictures

I’m back! Or, I am about to be back! For any loyal readers out there (hi Mom), sorry for the sudden disappearance. The holidays swarmed and I fell woefully behind on these adventures. At least the writing them up part. A break just sort of happened. Maybe we all needed it. I know Harlow really wanted some “us” time. But more recently I’ve been typing away, with a big trip on the horizon, so the there’s johnny posts will begin again.  Streaming soon to an email account near you! Or posted here, wherever this is. Or isn’t. Is this a place? I digress. Starting next week, you can count on weekly blog posts. In the meantime, please enjoy some photos of The Chinese Lantern Festival held over December & January in lovely Pomona. It was a freezing night in January, with great beauty and artistry on display. They say a photograph is worth a thousand words, so this is my longest post yet. Happy 2019 everyone.


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